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s that "now is good timing" for the launch. With hundreds of ▓billions of dollars of stimulus in the pipeline, and the Shanghai Stock Market Composit▓e Index rallying gradually to above 2,300, "investor confidence is on ▓the ri

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se." That's certainly better than late 2008, when the index fell to nearly 2,000.Related stories:CNOOC New Energy Inves▓tment Co Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of China National Offshore Oil

Corp (CNOOC), and Datong Coal Mine Group wil

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of supporting projects including two coal mines each with an annual output of 10 million tons, relevant coal washing mills and coal gangue-fired power plants.Apart from natural gas, the plant will also produce diesel, gasoline an▓d other chemical products, the company added.It is estimated that the coal-based clean e▓nergy project will pull in roughly 26 billion yuan in sales for CNOOC and Datong combined.But, the▓ company has not disclosed a detailed tim

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